June 26, 2005

Live8 and Beyond: How African women are helping themselves ...and changing a continent.

Ramdas_kavita From Kavita Ramdas, President, Global Fund for Women.

On the occasion of Live8, a concert that calls the world’s attention to the desperate conditions facing the continent of Africa, it is important for us to remember that as we wait for the world’s rich governments to take action – the people of the African continent, especially women, are taking their own steps to create change one family at a time.

Bob Geldorf’s efforts are a great contribution and essential to focus attention and G8 action on Africa. But with all the talk about what rich governments must do, its inspiring to remember that African women and men are not just a group of pathetic victims, but individuals and human beings with incredible drive for self-determination and improving their own communities.

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African Women's Millenium Initiative: Taking charge of the policy and decision making proceess

Diop1 The African Women's Millennium Initiative (AWOMI) is working to ensure the participation of African women in policy and decision making processes regarding the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The MDGs, developed by the United Nations and adopted by world leaders in 2000, inform the allocation of international and national resources in eight policy areas including poverty alleviation, educational and health attainment, and gender equality. Read more

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Girl Child Network: Fighting Gender Violence in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe

Girlchildnetwork A group of 16 year old girls came together and said, "Enough!" "Enough violence in our schools. Enough abuse by teachers, fathers and boyfriends. Enough of the government ignoring these crimes."  Then they mobilized a national campaign that forced  Zimbabwe  to change its laws about abuse. Read more

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Ahero, Kenya: $18,000 leads to clean water...and education for a village

Gwakowell_1 In rural Kenya, lack of clean water is often the primary barrier to girls education. Many Kenyan girls spend hours everyday fetching potable water for their familes, rahter than going to school. Read More

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June 25, 2005

A Branch in Every Home

We were honored to begin this month by spending time with the 2003 Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Dr. Shirin Ebadi. At a public event co-sponsored by the New York County Lawyers’ Association, she and I had a spirited conversation on the themes of “Women, Law and Democracy.” The Global Fund is proud to support hundreds of women’s organizations around the world that are demanding nothing less than democratic participation in their daily lives, and in their legal and political institutions. To quote Dr. Ebadi, “the feminist movement may not have well-known leaders but I can assure you, there is a branch in every (Iranian) home!” As summer begins, I hope that you will take heart and inspiration from their commitment and passion.

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Indigenous Leader Demands Rights in Bolivia

Leonida Zurita Vargas, president of Global Fund grantee, the Coordinating Committee of Peasant Women of the Tropic of Cochabamba (COCAMTROP), participated in recent demonstrations in La Paz demanding the nationalization of Bolivia’s energy resources and constitutional reform, including rights for peasants and indigenous people. During the past month of protests, Leonida was also invited to speak to the European Parliament in Belgium about the current situation in Bolivia. Working in a region that has been heavily militarized by the “War on Drugs,” COCAMTROP is engaging women to change harmful government policies, and reduce domestic violence and poverty. Learn more about COCAMTROP http://www.globalfundforwomen.org/work/grants/maps.html?profile=cocamtrop

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Supporter Walks 241 Miles in the Salt March in India

From March 12th to April 7th, long-time Global Fund donor and friend, Dorothy Abbott, participated in the 75th anniversary re-enactment of Mahatma Gandhi’s Salt March, an international walk for peace, justice, and freedom across India. By encouraging friends and colleagues to pledge money for each mile of the March, Dorothy raised over $14,500 for the Women’s Media Fund, a Global Fund Field of Interest Fund supporting the media projects of women’s groups around the world. Learn more about the Women's Media Fund http://womensmediafund.org/

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A Conversation With Shirin Ebadi

t the Global Fund's recent event, "Women, Law and Democracy," Nobel Prize Winner Shirin Ebadi spoke with clarity from her perspective as an Iranian woman, lawyer and human rights activist, who is living and working under a repressive theocracy. In the conversation with Global Fund president Kavita N. Ramdas, Dr. Ebadi made three resounding points: first, that democracy requires society to make a clear separation between church and state, and to refuse to privilege any one religion over another; two, that democracy cannot be forced upon people at the point of a gun; and, last, but not least, that there can be no true democracy without guaranteeing women’s full freedom and equality.

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Anonymous Donor Offers Additional $1 Million Challenge! Help Us Reach Our Goal Today!

An anonymous donor inspired by Abigail’s gift has just awarded the Global Fund a $1 Million challenge grant. In order to take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity, we need your help to raise the matching $1 Million!

Help us reach our $20 million Investing in Women Campaign goal! Every gift, large and small, will support women and girls around the world, and bring us closer to obtaining this generous challenge grant.

Donate today! U.S. Supporters, join the national grassroots campaign by hosting a summer house party! http://www.kintera.org/site/pp.asp?c=8oIFLUOwGmF&b=271792

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Abigail Disney Donates $1 Million to the Investing in Women Campaign

The Global Fund is deeply grateful to Abigail Disney, Co-founder and President of the Daphne Foundation in New York City, for her generous contribution to the Investing in Women Campaign. Abigail traveled to Morocco and Egypt in April/May 2005 as part of a multinational delegation organized by the Global Fund for Women. The delegation visited urban and rural women's groups in nine countries in North Africa and the Middle East to learn about the most pressing issues women face. Shortly after returning from the trip, Abigail made this donation, stating, “I know this money will go directly to women’s groups, which are taking responsibility to improve their own lives.”

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