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June 26, 2005

Girl Child Network: Fighting Gender Violence in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe

Girlchildnetwork A group of 16 year old girls came together and said, "Enough!" "Enough violence in our schools. Enough abuse by teachers, fathers and boyfriends. Enough of the government ignoring these crimes."  Then they mobilized a national campaign that forced  Zimbabwe  to change its laws about abuse. Read more

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I am in Kenya and I took it upon myself to assist some girls within our society to go through their high school. As the years have gone by since 2001, their number has tremendously increased. This has also been prompted by the free primary education introduced by our government. I now find it difficult to run the school on my meagre salary. Therefore am lookinfg for sponsors. These are orphnas whose parent(s)either died of aids, natural death or one parent has already died of the dreaded disease. Others have run away from forced marriages while others their parents are just too poor to afford fee. Please assist.

Posted by: Ruth Florence Epeni | Aug 5, 2005 5:17:30 AM

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